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Our Story

We are two sisters, Rubina (35) and Roxanne (33), who reveal the beauty secret of their origin to the modern world.

Growing up in a modern country such as Germany, we always felt a deep connection with our mother country Tunisia and its simplicity and tradition. Spending time in our family farms and learning about the almost forgotten culture of the native inhabitants of Tunisia, the Amazigh, has shaped us.

We have learned about the power of simple natural ingredients and how we can benefit from them. The same herbs have been used in food and as medicine. Their food is made with only a few ingredients but is delicious and rich in nutrition.

The woman of the Amazigh were strong and proud women who cared very much about their beauty—adorned with eye-catching clothes, jewelry and tattoos.

What has inspired us the most, are their beauty secrets. We noticed that women always have thick hair and smooth skin, although they find all that they used for their skin in nature. One of the biggest beauty secrets used by the Amazigh woman is the prickly pear cactus. It had multi-use for them, but they used the oil of the seeds for their skin and hair for healing and medical use.

Nowadays, studies have proven the benefits Prickly Pear Seed Oil can offer due to its high potential in vitamins and amino acids.

We see our mission in sharing this secret to the modern world and proofing the power of nature.

While we are producing our Prickly Pear Seed Oil in the same farms where we used to spend our holidays with our family, we support the local farmers and especially women by providing them work to support them and their families.

Our brand name AZATIM, is inspirited by the ancient Amazigh inhabitants. It stays for PURITY, LEGACY and POWER. All AZATIM products contain ingredients of the ancient beauty secrets of the Amazigh.

Rubina & Roxanne

Founders of Azatim


Co-founder of Azatim

My life-changing journey started when I woke up one day and nothing was the same anymore…


Co-founder of Azatim

I was having the time of my life, a successful career with a lot of travel, a beautiful marriage and child, until my world broke down…

Our Customer Say

I love the holistic approach of this product and the fact that they use real crystals! Oil feels so smooth in the skin and smells like pure nature! After 2 weeks using I can see clearly improvement of my skin.

H. Lisa

Teacher, Germany

A really inspiring story of Azatim and the founders! It is good to see a brand trying to make real changes and having clear mission. Love to be part of this!

T. Estefania

Yoga Teacher, Germay

Azatim gold became part of my daily beauty routine! Don’t have to use any thing else as my skin feels satiny and smooth. My skin is at their best! Thanks Azatim!

M. Lina

Manager, Dubai